Managing Director Israel
Senior VP Amanda Kuperman joined The J Media Group this year after a decade with The Jerusalem Post Group, primarily serving as the VP of Marketing and Sales for 4 years. A true Zionist, she made aliyah from Australia 13 years ago (the Aussie accent has never left her!) and is happily married with four children. With a double degree in Genetic Engineering and International Marketing Relations, Amanda traded in lab rats for the advertising world and has never looked back. Based on a strong background in Creative Branding (former position in Mccann Australia) and years of experience in the global Print Media world, Amanda is excited to be a part of The J Media Group and open their new office in central Israel. She loves life in general, enjoys sports, traveling and spending quality time with family and friends. "When i was four years old, i walked into my neighbors yard, picked a bunch of flowers and then knocked on their door and sold the flowers to them! Back then, i didn't really understand what was wrong with that and i told my parents that in my opinion, it was a wonderful business with a 100% profit margin! My father recalls that as being the day that he knew that sales were in my blood."


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