VP Marketing
VP Marketing Born and raised in Kansas City, the heart of America’s Heartland, Allan Cohen has always embraced his Jewish observance and heritage as a source of identity and pride. A master orator, a gifted writer, and exceptional in the field of advertising and marketing for over 30 years, Allan has used his considerable talents to achieve success in the business world on behalf of countless Jewish organizations. Allan is a recognized expert in creating campaigns and ideas for event, print and online advertising and media, and has been interviewed regularly on CNN, CNN International, and Bloomberg Radio. If you run an organization or need a site promoted or a product sold... this is one guy you really want to talk to. Allan lives in Hewlett, New York (one of Long Island’s Five Towns) with his wife, Dr. Elana Cohen. He has a step­son, Nachi, and two daughters: Chani Rochel and Emma Bemma.


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